Other Classes

A few of the base classes from Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition apply as normal, if altered to fit the wizarding world setting. Others would not be considered viable, and should only be allowed under rare circumstances.


Bard: From the ghosts found in Hogwartz to the merfolk outside its walls, there are those who use music and magic to inspire allies and muddle the minds of enemies. Bard students of Hogwartz would be considered wizards who have a penchant for performance, though the proficiency with weapons and armor would most assuredly be obtained elsewhere.

Druid: Almost exclusively the purview of Centaurs, druids can be found in the wilds and remote places of the world. Some wizards who are hermits or forest wardens may adopt the magic of the beasts, though it is rare indeed.

Fighter: Physical violence and proficiencies are all but unheard of in the wizarding world. Since the Battle of Hogwartz, however, there has been a small contingent of armed guards housed to keep the peace and defend against threats even against which magic may struggle.

Ranger: Much like druids, rangers are fairly rare. Most serve as Centaur scouts living in forested regions, while others are fighters who have made a living for themselves in the wilds. Swift as shadows and silent as the wind, they make for dangerous foes and invaluable allies.

Rogue: With little exception, rogues are condemned as dishonorable thugs – most often dredged from Knockturn Alley and similarly unsavory places. Rogues are often found in the employ of Muggles, or even as mercenaries for Dark Wizards. Regardless of their circumstance, rogues are inherently distrusted by the wizarding community as a whole.

Warlock: Only the Archfiend Warlocks truly exist, and these are invariably Dark Wizards sworn to ancient and destructive forces. Rarely seen outside of Azkaban, warlocks are regarded as soulless and corrupted sorcerers, devoid of even the free will to oppose their patrons.


  • Barbarian
  • Cleric
  • Monk
  • Paladin

Other Classes

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